Monday, August 13, 2012

Review: Super Mario Land

Super Mario Land was a handheld game released for Game Boy in 1989. This game is fairly different than most Mario games. First reason is that it does not take place in the Mushroom Kingdom. Instead, it takes place in a new land called Sarasaland. Second is that Peach is replaced with a new princess named Daisy. Also, no Bowser, instead there is a new villain named Tatanga. Along with him are many new enemies, many completely original.

The game is fairly entertaining, but not its best. Though enjoyable, I do have a few rants about it. The main one is the overall length of the story. With four worlds, three levels each, an overall twelve levels, it's not really meant to be taken hardcore. If you do, however, beat the game, you are able to play a harder mode of the game with stronger enemies in new places. One problem is that the game does not have a save function, so after you cut off the game, it's over. However, if you play this on the 3DS, the virtual console restore point function can fix this problem. The four worlds are still very entertaining, though. Each one is based off of something in the real world, though I'll let you guess what.

It's not graphics that make the game, but I do have a rant about it. Although the Game Boy was new, the graphics for this game is a tad downgraded. Some players may have trouble seeing Mario because he's black and white and incredibly blocky and kind of small. Enemies and blocks are also fairly tiny while I mention it. I'm really not too sure if Nintendo was trying to recreate Super Mario Bros. graphics of if they were trying to finish the game quickly. Either way, it really isn't very good.

An example

Sound/ Music
While graphics are a bother, the music is fairly good and catchy. In fact, one of the songs was used in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, though you will need to find it out which one for yourself. For anyone that has played this game when it was first released, this music is probably fairly nostalgic in a way. Overall, music passes. There aren't many sounds to talk about, so no comment.

While the game has a few struggles, Super Mario Land is still a fun game if you wish to try classic Mario games. It is on 3DS virtual console, so if want to try it no matter what, go ahead, or if you take graphics and length VERY seriously, fine too. Overall, it makes a good addition to your 3DS virtual console.



While I'm still here, here are the four worlds I want you to guess the origins of.

World 1- Birabuto Kingdom

World 2- Muda Kingdom

World 4- Chai Kingdom

World 3- Easton Kingdom

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