Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Luigi's Mansion Beta Elements

If anyone has already read my review for Luigi's Mansion, you may remember me mentioning the beta elements of the game. However, I only mentioned a few. I couldn't resist, so this article is going to be about many of the interesting beta elements from Luigi's Mansion.

Before I go on, let's just recap. We all remember who this is, right?

Are younger siblings still scared silly?

Remember? Yes? No? If not, this was the original game over sequence for Luigi's Mansion. If Luigi didn't make it to Mario or dies, this happens. According to Mario Wiki, it is thought that Luigi looks like this because if he doesn't make it to Mario, the whole mansion would disappear, including Mario. Don't yell about the mansion still in the background, it's only a theory. Like I also mentioned in my review, Nintendo probably removed this because they knew kids would probably lose sleep because of this. Another recap is the original ghosts. Comparisons:







I'm not too sure why they were changed, unless Nintendo deems fangs as frightening.

Now that I'm done going over the past, I can now go on. The game was supposedly going to be on the Nintendo 64, but was cancelled and moved to the Gamecube as a launch title. According to Nintendo Power, Luigi would only have 24 hours to save Mario, explaining the game over theory. The Game Boy Horror was also very different. First, there was a clock gadget, probably to countdown those 24 hours. Another feature was being able to view first person without having to pull up the Game Boy Horror.Another thing is that the Poltergust originally had a time limit on usage. It originally had a meter that starts at ten, and if it hits zero after a long amount of usage, the Poltergust would burst into flame and hurt Luigi, causing him to lose health.

Apparently instead of a nice mansion for a reward, Luigi would express happiness for ranking instead. The worst one looks similar to the game over sequence only with Luigi holding a flower while mourning. A good rank would be Luigi holding up a peace sign and if great, two peace signs, which remind me of when Luigi finds a key in the game.

Bad rank
Good rank

Great rank

These were probably taken out thanks to Luigi's see you while you sleep look. Here are a few more screenshots for above mentioned things:

Early Parlor. Note the clock and the meter in the middle.

Slightly more work, Nintendo had the first person
view on the GBH before working on it.


If anyone has played the game before, they may know where the Safari room is. If not, it was a room filled with animal skin themed furniture and deer trophies. Anyway, according to Nintendo Power, a hunter portrait ghost was to appear in it. However, there are no pictures to prove this, so it has not been confirmed if they were telling the truth or were joking.

Early Safari room.

A fan's interpretation of what the hunter may have
looked like.

Also, the ghost supposedly wanted to put Luigi's head onto the Safari Room's wall. If he was real, he was probably deemed too scary by Nintendo because of his motives and was removed. Also for a bonus, here's a picture of the fan's interpretation of Luigi's trophy head.

Some dark humor would have been made of
this game, as if it hasn't been made now.

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