Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Animal Crossing New Leaf Behind the Horrors 2: Aika Village

I haven't done this for a while, but I was planning on doing more of these, and seeing the views on my last creepy town walkthrough I feel like I really should do more. Now that I have a chance, it's time for the next creepy town. This creepy town is Aika Village, a rather popular dream village known for its mysteries and its story that is left for interpretation. It's dream address is 2600-0218-7298.

Here we are at the beginning with this weird pattern surrounding us.

To our right there's this present of a sort. Open it and we find a
dolly. It's important to the story as we continue.

Get the shovel from Lloid because there are some important things

On an unrelated note, one of my villagers, Tom, lives in this village.
Villagers that are in your village will fully recognize you when you're
in a dream village. I'll also note
that his house is cluttered in dolls...
A few villagers in this village have dolls living in their homes.

Here's the first house.

Hmm... seems pretty normal. Except for the freaking creepy 
Hypno K.K music. Back on topic, seems like the girls,usually
just called Aika, had her birthday with her parents and
received this present. 

Maybe I was wrong about this family. 

Also note that the back room is blocked off.

Going upstairs and find this. It's some kind of playroom?
Or maybe a bedroom? What ever, all I can say is that
picture of the dog is weird, and that the mobile in the back
is moving by itself. One more thing, Hypno K.K.

Here's that girl. I don't speak Japanese, but after doing some research
I found that she says "I love my mommy". Okay...

Also this was probably a perfect Animal Crossing town
because of these Jacob's Ladders that appear all around the
first part of the town.

Now continue on east and we find this weird bush/hole maze.

Going through the maze is quite weird. Various things
can be found in the maze, from bells, to various sweets.

ARG!.. oh, and many pitfalls.

Heh, as if this wasn't weird enough.

However, in front of the store you find a megaphone,
though it serves no actual purpose.


Hmm... Seriously, there are REALLY random things
around here.

Continuing on westward is this graveyard. There are
nothing in the graves except doghouses.

Well, fishy somewhat?

Right near the graveyard we find the police station. For some
reason their lost and found has nothing but beehives.
Suspicious and crazy.

Here we are at the second house.

Also note that a swim suit can be found in between this
sliver of bushes. It's important later.

Anywho, in we go.

Here we are, and I have to say that this whole place is
a giant mind screw. Hey look, Aika's here!

She pretty much says the same thing as before, but in a
bit of a distorted way. "i lOvE mY mOmMy." Umm, well
then, somebody's.. err.. happy? I guess?

Finally inside the back of the room. Might as well look inside.

Yeah, there's definitely no obsession here. It's not too bad.
Wait, something still doesn't feel normal.

Yep, I was right.

Oh well, going upstairs.

Upstairs. Well, it is nice, but it is different from most
of the village. Clearly it's a recreation of the Adam
and Eve story, with the snake and the forbidden fruit.
Also notice that the female statue is actually fake, as
the real one in game has shorter hair.

Downstairs we go.

Well, we're here. Hey, this is actually kinda pleasant.

Usually the rooms downstairs are the creepiest, but this isnt...
wait what's behind the red doll?

...Yep, should have guessed.

New advice, don't trust dolls.

Man! This town is a complete train wreck! Look at the
start and look now. And the villagers STILL live here?

And it's Aika again. And she's losing it. I'm not even
going to bother.

And next the trash dump... I mean the third house.

A bubble wand waits at the entrance, but I'm not gonna bother.

Well, somebody's a bookworm. And I think I hear screaming...
the closer I get to that doll... Talk about uneasy.

Finding yourself around here reveals a lot. What's happening in
that picture?! Is the mother hitting Aika? Patting her? Throwing bees on her? (note the
hive under the picture) And where's the father!? I THOUGHT THIS WAS

Well this side of the room is different. The father's here, but not
on the other side. What... when.. how?.. I guess some things are best left
unanswered. Also the screaming is at it's loudest here (I will not go into
technical details).

Okay, this is getting completely creepy.

All aside here's the eastern room.

Talk about confusing. This must be some kind of symbol though,
but what? Pianos can represent perfection, and it's in a damaged room.
Maybe it doesn't belong here? Maybe the piano's Aika? Maybe the room
is an obstacle for Aika?

Either way, moving to the back room.

AND WE'RE IN... what, a brain or something? I'm honestly left
adrift by this.

Whatever, downstairs.

Well, here it is. And what to say?

Whoa... What is coming up? That doll's back, so something's
coming up.

Really? We're doing this again?

Look at all this! Could there have been a struggle or something?
Then a murder?

The caged bird is singing? To a song sheet? Another
perfection symbol?

Okay, upstairs. I mean it can't be too bad, right? Right?

Okay, I'm gonna say it again and make it clear, someone
is CLEARLY obsessed.

They're heeerrree!

What? A body?

Yeah, I think that's enough.

Well, better leave before the doll jumps on me and
bursts into flames or something.

Seriously, this town has gotten weirder and weirder.
It's become a dump, time to accept.

The final house. Hey, that looks familiar! And Aika once

Urm... Yep, definitely crazy.

Well... let the freak show begin...

HOLY SIMILAR! Seriously, did a tornado throw up
or something I mean look at this!

See what I mean.

I... really can't say anymore of this place.

Upstairs? Please?

Wow! Talk about a real breakdown! The pictures
are all scratched out. The mom, Aika, the dog, all gone.
Even the toys in the back are disturbed. Also, FREAKING

But wait! The back room is not blocked.

Let's see what awaits us!

Err.. Uh.. Talk about a mental picture. Aika and that doll,
and an axe, all trapped and watched. It's a nightmare

Forget cutscenes, I'm out of there!

Okay, all the houses have been seen, but it's not over yet!

Let's start here, a dead end... a lot of rotting material.

Slip on the swim suit and let's find out.

And a grave awaits... Man...

Dig the grave to find a creepy skeleton. Hmm

Also behind the flowers are secret items. This one contains
a... doll... Seriously, I can't seem to lose this doll!

This I rarely ever seen mentioned. Digging behind the right flower
reveals a time capsule. One big question is what's in it? Is it
connected to Aika Village?

Too bad we might never know because you have to re-bury
it as soon as you find it. SCREW YOU REALITY!!!

Okay, NOW we're done right? Ha, nope...

Adventuring the beach, we find these random red shoes
out of nowhere, red shoes like Aika's. Wait... I know it.
In Japan, before someone commits suicide, they remove their shoes.
So, Aika's dead? Was she in the island grave?
Was she literally insane? Did the doll follow her to death? WHAT?

And for some reason, I'm wearing the shoes. So this is truly the end of this freakshow.

Bonus: Coffee break!

Final Chug!