Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mario Kart 7 System Update

An update for Mario Kart 7 has been made available to fix the shortcut problem with Maku Wuhu and a few other courses. Starting tomorrow, this update will be needed in order to play online. To download it, make sure you have your copy of Mario kart 7 in, go to the e shop, and you should be taken to the download screen for the update. If you choose to ignore it for now, the update will be available on the e shop main menu for download any time. Make sure you get the new 3ds system update before you do this, though. Also note that the glitches are still in the main game and that the update is not needed to play single player or local multiplayer.

Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, Pokedex and AR Searcher Updates

A special event will be available for a Meloetta musical via Global Link in Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 (so musicals will be in the sequel???). Another interesting fact is that Meloetta and Keldeo will unlock something special in the upcoming game, but it has not been 100% revealed yet. Also, gym leaders and champions for the Pokemon World Tournament (I really like the tune of that) will supposedly be downloaded via Wi Fi Connection. On small note, the first US name for a town has been revealed. The first city in the game, Hiougi City, has been revealed to be Aspertia City. Also the US box art has been revealed as well.

In the Pokedex 3D Pro news, the dex is to have a new feature called Pokemon Challenge, which its functions are not known yet. Also, all pokemon will be unlocked from the start, eliminating the frustrating and upsetting "trading data to complete pokedex" task. It is to release this autumn. Also the first English entries have been revealed.

For the Pokemon AR Searcher, its official name is Pokemon Dream Radar. As we already know, it's compatible with Black 2 and White 2. It takes place in an area named Dream Valley (My house? My backyard? My truck?) Enough daydreaming, anyway, this valley is where Professor Burnett studies. Transfers of caught pokemon will be direct through the 3ds system. Like the pokedex, it will be released in autumn. Also, just for kicks, the Tornadus silhouette has been revealed.

As a bonus, the "official?" artwork for the Kami trio Sacred Beasts have been revealed. I will re-inform if this changes.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Update on Yesterday's Update

More information regarding Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 has been confirmed. Firstly, the new Kami trio forms have been given more light. Tornadus is indeed a bird, but Thundurus appears to be a dragon instead of a weasel, and Landorus appears to be a type of wildcat instead of a bear. These forms will be called their Sacred Beast Forms and their previous will be their Incarnation Forms. These forms will also have no type change.

Second, Cheren will return to the new games as the Normal type gym leader, replacing Lenora. Alder will also return as a character of the games and Bianca will return as an assistant to Professor Juniper. N is missing, so this means he will make a possible big appearance somewhere deep in the games. Along with this another new professor named Professor Burnett is to appear for the Pokemon AR Searcher. Also mentioned yesterday, the past gym leader battles are bought together and will be known as the Pokemon World Tournament.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 Updates

According to Serebii, pictures have leaked from CoroCoro that shows that the Kami trio will get new forms for the upcoming Pokemon Black 2 and White 2. Tornadus' new form is that of a bird (which is very similar to the silhouette from the Pokemon AR Searcher app). Thundurus' form is slightly difficult to tell, but it looks like it may be based off a weasel or mongoose possibly. Landorus' form is possibly the most difficult to tell, but from the shape of the head, its form may possibly be based off a bear. Here are the forms in question.

Also a quick compare of Tornadus to the bird silhouette in the Pokemon AR Searcher.

Also along with this, we have some currently unconfirmed information. Firstly, the musical will possibly be replaced with a movie theater, which is this building.

Secondly, Cheren from the previous Pokemon Black and White will possibly return as a gym leader. Third, the three Kami trio alternate forms will possible only be available by catching them in the Pokemon AR Searcher (explaining the Tornadus silhouette). Finally, there is supposedly an area where gym leaders and champions from previous Pokemon games can be battled which I hope makes it to the final game because it already sounds better than the Battlefield in Pokemon Platinum.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Childhood Games

Many of us were into Nintendo as children. Many of us have nostalgia as well. So I was wondering, "What did others play in the early years?" Here are two of mine.

                                      This introduced the Paper Mario series to me. To me, it will always be
                                       the best of the Paper Mario series.

                                     If I was younger, I would probably be sitting at the church playground,
                                     eating a Happy Meal and playing this little gem.

Now I have shown you mine, what are yours? Would you replay them if you could? I'm replaying Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, which is loads of fun. Please share if you please.