Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Nintendo Netword ID and Miiverse to come to 3DS

According to Nintendo, a new update for the 3DS this December that will allow users to use a Nintendo Network ID and Miiverse on 3DS along with Wii U. Whether the ID will replace Friend Codes is confirmed or not.

EDIT: Users will be able to create a new ID for their 3DS, or if they have a Wii U, they can link their 3DS with their Wii U ID, which will also link the two system's e-shop funds.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pokemon X and Y Leaks I Hope Are Real

Only a little less than two weeks until X and Y are out. However, some lucky people were able to get the game before hand, so that means unofficial leaks. Are these real? Maybe; I hope so. Here are some that caught my eyes. Note: I'll be adding stuff as I see it.

I apologize about the spoiler tag being open as default. This is my first time using one on here.

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This is a supposed final evolution I found while exploring. Because I want Chespin, I thought this was pretty awesome.
This picture is blurry, but it appears to be part fighting type

This is the supposed final evolution of Honedge after Doublade. It's name is apperently Aegislash.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Why I Can't Wait for Pokemon X and Y

Well, I've been waiting for almost a year and my prayers will soon be answered because Pokemon X and Y will be released in a little under a month. Any who, here's my reasons why about to burst in excitement.

1. I pre-ordered  Y.

My most obvious reason is because I pre-ordered Y, not because I was forced, but I wanted to because I thought it would be a good idea. The guy at Gamestop recommended it and I soon decided to do so so I could get my copy. Well, I ordered the game and a copy of the guide, because, you know, worldwide release and all. I also got two of the posters that Gamestop was handing out because I ordered these two items. I hung them in my room at my Grandpa's house. Here's one of the pictures of one of them on my Twitter:

2. The team I want.

So many opportunities for pokemon and I've decided which ones I want for my team.  That team shall be Charmander (you get one from the professor supposedly during the story events), Torchic (free wi-fi gift so why not), Tyrunt (one of the new fossil pokemon and it looks cool),Pancham (I just like it and its evolution even though it has bad type combination), Chespin (the starter I want), and Litleo (I like lions).

3. Player Customization 

Character customization will be available to let players edit their trainer to their liking. Various outfits and accessories can be found throughout the game. I just hope that there's a big and awesome variety.

4. Enhanced Graphics

The 3DS is bringing Pokemon to a new generation, so that means new graphics. In past games the graphic only upgraded slightly, but then this happens. It just makes me happier and want to play the game.

5. The Region of Kalos

I really like the new region of Kalos. Compared to Unova, it looks fairly large. With a lot of places to explore and see, that makes it a definite yes in my book. 

Anyway, that concludes why I can't wait for X and Y (Y at least). Only 21 days according to my website's timer as of now. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Something Random: Axem Rangers/Kajio Sentai Onoranger


Something I thought was pretty cool were the Axem Rangers from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. They were based off the Super Sentai series in Japan, which is the basis of what we know as Power Rangers. Being a fan of both, I thought this was pretty cool.  Now the only problem is finding a real team that has the same color scheme as the Axem Rangers.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Animal Crossing New Leaf Behind the Horrors 1: Hitokui Village

I really haven't been doing much on here or Youtube. I don't think doing Let's Plays are my kind of thing for now, but I want to keep my Youtube just in case I feel like posting something. Anyway, I got Animal Crossing New Leaf a couple weeks ago and I have been playing it like crazy. I unlocked the Dream Suite and found some pretty creepy villages that I enjoyed not only because of how eerie they are, but also because of the work and time put into them. I wanted to do something here that involved Animal Crossing, but I didn't know what. I was thinking about doing a weekly journal, but I've already gotten decently far in the game. I finally decided to share my experiences in these creepy villages. The first one I will show is called Hitokui Village, a cannibal village. I will also note that pretty much all these villages were made in Japan, so human villagers will still speak Japanese. I also will post the dream code for them as I post them as I highly recommend going to them. The code for this village is 2600-1856-4772.

Okay, so we start naturally as we wake up in a dream world.


So we're in town now. Looks pretty normal. Also note the
clothes and equipment near the tree.

Get the shovel from Lloid. It will be important later.

As for those clothes, we get two different outfits. The one 
I'm wearing is obviously a police outfit. The other one
is a cake dress and a broken umbrella.

The tools you get are a megaphone and a toy hammer.

Here's our first house we go to.

We go inside and we see it's a decent looking cafe. Neat!

If we go to the room to our right we find the bathroom.

I guess while I'm searching I'll get some free food.

We go to the back and find the kitchen.

I guess the seafood platter was coming soon.

Alright! Toast, sushi, donuts, stew, and stir-fry? Seems 
like my kind of place.

Now when we go back to the main dining room and 
go to the left side room we find what looks like a 
V.I.P. room with a little chocolate fountain.

Now that I'm done with the chocolate fountain I'll go
upstairs to see... um.. oh dear. What this, a party room 
or something? Awesome music though.

Okay, we're done upstairs so let's see what wonders await us
down... ummm...

...a decapitated torso on top of a bloody knife along with a
bloody apron...


...a rotting skeleton under some shackles and some more
bloody knives...

...abandoned shoes, baby cradles, and mental carnival

Uh, let's just forget that and go on. 

Goodbye, psychos, see you never.

Time to take out some strange feeling by attacking
villagers with my toy hammer.

Found the chef and he doesn't look shady at all. 

The second house. 

Hmm... It's a church. 

Talk to this glasses woman. 

Go to the left wing room and we find a living area with
some crappy furniture.

I'll take my mind off stuff by watching some t.v.
oh... never mind.

Moving over to the right wing we find what looks 
like the confession hall.

Sigh... You got that right.

Now to move to this secret room behind the organ.

AND IT'S... the graveyard?

Um... Yeah...

Moving upstairs we find... uh, something slightly
disturbing that I think we shouldn't be snooping
around for...


Okay, downstairs will probably be more disturbing and.. oh
it's not that bad. Wait, what's behind that?

Hmm... Should have guessed.

Run away from that creepy church as fast as possible 
or the glasses lady might strike me down. While running
I found the third house.

Walking in. Doesn't look too bad. 

Left wing. Still doesn't look that bad.

Oops. I was wrong.

Right wing. Crap, this is even worse!

To the back room.

Hm. No comment yet.

I'll admit. That's awesome.

Almost every time there's a spooky story, there's always
a doll in it!

Going upstairs and... spell tags cover the walls, there are 
demonic wardrobes to the side and a sewing machine is 
working on it's own.

Time to go downstairs. Looks okay... wait. Those are
spell tags... and I think they're all covered in blood.

I'm out of there!

Move upward for a weird bandaged guy.

Blood. Just when it wasn't creepy enough. Wait... never mind.

The final house. I'm prepared for anything.

Hmm... fancy.

Hospital beds? Dividers?

Oh, it's a hospital. But wait, I'm scared of hospitals.

A lot of crap over here, but like at the size of that crab!

Back room. Cool it's a lab complete with suspicious music.

Nothing much back here, but, cool a Metroid!

Yeah nothing interesting.

Wait, what's that?


Screw that!

Now we go upstairs and... OH COME ON!!!

A crime scene! I must act!

No, idiot don't lay on it!

Yes, let's please do that.

Forget this! I'm out of here! Going downstairs!

Now let's see what... well this is weird.

I know the skeleton's back there, but who's...

Okay I see it. It's... a werewolf?!

I'm out of this slaughterhouse!

Look for a monument on the east side of the town. Behind it is a wet suit.

Dive about here.

You find a present on the island below. Inside it a fortune #4, 
which is a bad fortune saying today is not your day.

Found this near town hall. 

How about no.

Bonus: The dog is talking about the church and
the glasses lady in the church.

Trust me. You don't want to know.