Sunday, July 1, 2012

Review: Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is the second game in the Paper Mario series which was released on the Gamecube and was released in 2004. Like its prequel, it is an Rpg adventure that like other, involves turn based battles and it has its own special paper like format. Unlike the first game, though, this paper world is taken to an advantage and is treated more like the world is actual paper and not just for looks. Examples include having the ability to turn to a paper airplane, tube or boat.

We start with Mario getting a letter from the Princess telling him to meet her in a slightly run down town called Rogueport, saying she has to tell him something. Along with the letter, he gets an old treasure map. He travels there to not find Peach, but a bunch of goons who are known as the X-nauts attacking a Goomba girl named Goombella. He saves her from the X-nauts and their commander, Lord Crump.
Mario, Goombella and the X-nauts
Mario is then taken to Professor Frankly, a Goomba professor. He then tells Mario of the Crystal Stars, seven gem like stars that are said to unlock the Thousand Year Door, which is rumored to have a great treasure behind it. Frankly also tells Mario that his treasure map is used to track down the Crystal Stars. After then, the official adventure begins to unfold. 

The graphics in the game are definitely good. Like already mentioned, they are styled after paper. It is also has a rather cartoon-like touch, making enemies like Goombas look a little more cuter than terrifying, if they actually were terrifying. Mario's surroundings are also pleasing to look at, as they are 3D looking and resemble something made completely out of paper and also have nice colors on them. Along with 3D looks, many giant bosses in the game have hit the graphic update as well.
Cortez from The Thousand Year Door.
Cortez in-game
vs. Lava Piranha from Paper Mario. 

 Overall, graphics pass the test. 

Sounds are well recorded and really fit into the game. Besides Mario and Bowser's voice-like squeals, there are no voices, so no comment on that. The music in the game is very good and fits its environments very well, ranging from calm, excited, creepy and weird. Like sounds, the music does not sound cheap or quickly made and is rather interesting to hear. In my opinion, the music in this game is the best in the Paper Mario series. 

This game is a definite must for your game collection. If you have a Wii, Gamecube controller and Gamecube memory card, then I would recommend looking for a used copy of the game at your local Gamestop or E B Games. The controls are easy to use so not complains anywhere. Boss battles may get difficult at times but training and strategy is the answer to this. Anyway, this game passes my little test and I highly recommend it. 



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