Sunday, July 15, 2012

Place of the Day: Glitz Pit

Today's place of the day is the Glitz Pit in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. It is a floating arena and is the location of the third Crystal Star. It includes many fighters including its champion, Rawk Hawk. Along with him is a shifty fight promoter named Grubba.
The fighting arena
Rawk Hawk, the champion

In the game, Mario watches Rawk Hawk fight and hold what appears to be a Crystal Star on his champion belt. He then enters the fights under the alias "The Great Gonzales". Mario then goes up in rank until he meets The Armored Harriers, who are nearly invincible. Mario battles them only to lose. He then learns a solution by using his new friend, a baby Yoshi who Mario saved from being roasted, in the battle.       
The Armored Harriers

Yoshi Kid

After a small scuffle with Rawk Hawk, Mario and Friends learn that the Crystal Star on his belt is fake, which starts to turn the whole thing into a sort of mystery. Mario finally gets to battle Rawk Hawk, only for him to be locked in an unused locker room. Mario finds his way out and hits the arena. He beats Rawk Hawk, gets the belt and discovers another twist. After investigating, Mario finds Grubba using a machine powered by the Crystal Star along with fighters to make himself more powerful. Using the machine, he turns himself into Macho Grubba, a powerful beast.

Macho Grubba

After a long fight, Mario beats Grubba and receives his third Crystal Star. He then continues onward.

Seven Wonders
When at the Glitz Pit, Mario learns of the Seven Wonders of the Glitz Pit from one of the fighters. Each one has exactly something to do with the story. I tried my best to keep the answers out of the summary, but here are said wonders.

The Sealed Wall- The remains of fallen fighters are supposedly kept behind a wall in the minor league locker room.

The Man-Eating Toilet- A toilet in one of the major league locker rooms is said to swallow anyone up that tries to use it.

The Stairs of Mystery- An extra room in the Glitz Pit has a second floor but no stair. From it groaning voices are heard. 

The Haunted Boudoir- The champion's room is supposedly haunted because voices are heard whispering from nowhere. Many believe they are from fallen fighters who lost to the champion.

The Spooky Ring Lights- Strange looking lights are said to be seen from the ring doors even though no one is in there.

The Missing Ones- Many of the fighters tend to go missing, including the first champion, Prince Mush, and a few opponents fought by Mario.

Grubba and Jolene- Grubba is said to be past sixty but looks beyond toned for his age. Jolene is Grubba's assistant and the later fight promoter after Grubba is defeated, as I never explained her. Anyway, she would tend to go missing almost randomly, like a ghost. 

That's the end of this issue. Thank you and please continue.

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