Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Place of the Day: Old Chateau

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My first walk through is on Old Chateau, an old haunted mansion in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. It is hidden in the Eterna Forest and requires cut for access.
Old Chateau in all its glory

What I like about this place is that it, well, is haunted. We have our friend Gastly, who only appears at first. Seems a little dull. Well, if you own any Game Boy Advance Pokemon games and  if they are inserted into an original DS or DS lite with the game, then you will be able to catch Haunter and even Gengar if you adventure the 2nd floor. Also, if you complete your Regional Pokedex (in Diamond and Pearl, you only need to earn you 2nd badge and have cut in Platinum), then you can come to this place at night (the fun way) or fast forward your DS clock and catch rotom in the TV room. Here is its map below, please zoom it in to see it correctly.

Gastly, Haunter and Gengar
Rotom the TV phantom

Any of these games can be used to catch
Haunter and Gengar

What I like most about the Old Chateau is the two ghosts that appear. One is of a little girl and an old man, apparently a butler. The girl appears on the 2nd floor if you were to go into the room right from the middle room, and she appears in the next room to the right. The butler appears in the dining room and floats away, appearing to go right through a wall. They look just like normal people, but unlike them, the they don't appear to move with a walking motion, but instead appear to slide across the room motionless, giving away the ghost idea.
Me, 2nd time, seeing the "floating":
"Yikes, a ghost?! Wait. He went through
a wall?! That's weird!
Me, very 1st time, ignoring the "floating",
"Hmm... What's that girl doing there?"

Also, when they are seen, your character is frozen in place until the ghost is gone, so you can't just ask it questions. Oh well, I guess we just have to leave some mysteries unsolved. 

Thank you for reading and be expecting more in the future.

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