Saturday, May 12, 2012

Update on Yesterday's Update

More information regarding Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 has been confirmed. Firstly, the new Kami trio forms have been given more light. Tornadus is indeed a bird, but Thundurus appears to be a dragon instead of a weasel, and Landorus appears to be a type of wildcat instead of a bear. These forms will be called their Sacred Beast Forms and their previous will be their Incarnation Forms. These forms will also have no type change.

Second, Cheren will return to the new games as the Normal type gym leader, replacing Lenora. Alder will also return as a character of the games and Bianca will return as an assistant to Professor Juniper. N is missing, so this means he will make a possible big appearance somewhere deep in the games. Along with this another new professor named Professor Burnett is to appear for the Pokemon AR Searcher. Also mentioned yesterday, the past gym leader battles are bought together and will be known as the Pokemon World Tournament.

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