Friday, May 11, 2012

Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 Updates

According to Serebii, pictures have leaked from CoroCoro that shows that the Kami trio will get new forms for the upcoming Pokemon Black 2 and White 2. Tornadus' new form is that of a bird (which is very similar to the silhouette from the Pokemon AR Searcher app). Thundurus' form is slightly difficult to tell, but it looks like it may be based off a weasel or mongoose possibly. Landorus' form is possibly the most difficult to tell, but from the shape of the head, its form may possibly be based off a bear. Here are the forms in question.

Also a quick compare of Tornadus to the bird silhouette in the Pokemon AR Searcher.

Also along with this, we have some currently unconfirmed information. Firstly, the musical will possibly be replaced with a movie theater, which is this building.

Secondly, Cheren from the previous Pokemon Black and White will possibly return as a gym leader. Third, the three Kami trio alternate forms will possible only be available by catching them in the Pokemon AR Searcher (explaining the Tornadus silhouette). Finally, there is supposedly an area where gym leaders and champions from previous Pokemon games can be battled which I hope makes it to the final game because it already sounds better than the Battlefield in Pokemon Platinum.

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