Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Childhood Games

Many of us were into Nintendo as children. Many of us have nostalgia as well. So I was wondering, "What did others play in the early years?" Here are two of mine.

                                      This introduced the Paper Mario series to me. To me, it will always be
                                       the best of the Paper Mario series.

                                     If I was younger, I would probably be sitting at the church playground,
                                     eating a Happy Meal and playing this little gem.

Now I have shown you mine, what are yours? Would you replay them if you could? I'm replaying Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, which is loads of fun. Please share if you please.


  1. Ive played both the games you posted about (i lost them both though). Mainly as a child though i played super mario world advance 4 (not sure if name is 100% accurate) and mario kart double dash.

  2. Also good luck with your blog! :)