Monday, September 24, 2012

Top 10 Favorite Mario Kart 64 Tracks

Today, I would like to show you my favorite Mario Kart 64 tracks of all times, so sit back and enjoy.

10. Wario Stadium

Number 10 goes to Wario Stadium in the Star Cup. The track appears to be a motocross styled track
completely surrounded by walls. It's a fairly long track with barely any obstacles, so it may get a little dull in Time Trials, but you may enjoy it when playing with friends. As I said before it is a stadium surrounded by walls. Pictures of Wario are seen on the outer walls and a large screen can be seen, usually showing your racer and all your actions, including if you pause the game. Overall, you may enjoy Wario Stadium, but it may also get a little old after a while.

9. Royal Raceway

The nine position goes to Royal Raceway in the Star Cup. This track is fairly interesting track.
Piranha Plants chill on sides of the track, waiting for you to run into them. Near the end is a pond that is nearly impossible to dodge. While the track is fun, joyful and upbeat, there is one main reason why this track is up here. Why, well, here you go:

If you look to the right, you see the castle. You may think I just blew a gasket, but the castle model and area are the exact same from Super Mario 64. I felt that it was a very neat easter egg. It's also explorable, so you can look through it in Time Trials just to do so.

8. Frappe Snowland

Eight is Frappe Snowland of the Flower Cup. The track is a snowy field with some snow filled trees. Two ice sculptures, one of Mario and one of Yoshi, appear on the track. The Mario one is seen in the main picture above, so here is a picture with the Yoshi one in it:

Yoshi was definitely ready for winter.

Throughout the track are snowmen that will toss you in the air if you hit them. They tend to get annoying, especially if you reach the end of the track.

This track is pretty fun, if you don't mind armies of motionless snowmen. It is still fun to play on this track with friends or by yourself.

7. Kalimari Desert

Seven goes to Kalimari Desert of the Mushroom Cup. It is a large, vast desert with a railroad in the middle. The train on it will tend to block your path, but a good challenge is to try to make it across the track before it hits you. If it does run into you, you will go flying into the air. It is also very fun to watch your no brain computer opponents run into it while you watch them suffer. The railroad and tunnel on it also acts as an alternate route to the finish line, not so much of a shortcut if you don't have a Star. The track returned in Mario Kart 7, without the ability to enter the tunnel. 

6. Yoshi Valley

Six goes to Yoshi Valley of the Special Cup. It is a large maze-like canyon. Due to its many paths, it is not known who is in what place, have the 1st through 4th place tiles showing a question mark instead of the racer's face. Throughout the course are hedgehogs that can cause the racer to spin out of control. Near the end of the course is a giant, spinning Yoshi egg, which can crush the racer flat. The best tactic for this maze is to know the quickest route to the finish line. 

5. Bowser's Castle

Five is Bowser's Castle of the Star Cup. It is basically Bowser's Castle, only as a race track. It is surrounded by lava and is filled with Thwomps. Strangely, the bushes in the courtyard cause you to spin out of control. Running into a Thwomp causes you to spin out of control and getting crushed causes you to, well, get crushed. Near the beginning of the course, there is a green Thwomp.

It serves no threat or purpose to the racer, though it was nicknamed Marty by fans.

4. Choco Mountain

Four is Choco Mountain of the Flower Cup. This track always caught my good side. It is a rather laid back track with barely any obstacle, upbeat music, and good scenery. Running into walls while in the air can cause you to crash, but that is only possible if you are too careless. Near the end, boulders crash onto the course and can run into the player, but they are rather easy to dodge. Overall, this track is rather enjoyable and was good for Mario Kart 64.

3. D.K.'s Jungle Parkway

Number three goes to D.K.'s Jungle Parkway of the Special Cup. This is a pretty fun jungle themed track that is very laid back. On the side, a paddle boat can be seen throughout the track's river. Something also lurks the jungle, because if your kart hits the grass, something constantly throws something at the racer. Besides that there are pretty much no obstacles.

2. Rainbow Road

Number two goes to the long, colorful Rainbow Road of the Special Cup. While some scoff at it for being incredibly long, I love this course for many reasons. These include the beautiful music, the colorful drive and these wonderful things:

Easily the neons, which give the track a wonderful touch. The track is a fairly enjoyable ride. There is barely any gravity on the track, so it is very easy to fall off of it when doing big jumps. Chain Chomps also invade the course so try to dodge those. Anyway, that's about it for this course, so here's number one.

And here it is, but many may be shocked.

1. Toad's Turnpike

The final track that gets the 1st place spot is Toad's Turnpike of the Flower Cup. This course always was always on my good side, mostly because I like the theme. It is an interstate at night filled with cars, trucks and buses. Getting hit by one causes the racer to fly into the air. Throughout it are graffiti spray paintings of Toad, pretty much why it gets the name, Toad's Turnpike. The track's in a simple figure eight style, but the vehicles still give a small challenge. In mirror mode the vehicles race toward you, giving you more of a challenge.

Doesn't look too bad

Alright, are you ready for a challenge?

And that concludes my favorite racecourses from Mario Kart 64. Thank you for reading and please stay around for more in the future.

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