Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Review: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Super Mario RPG starts out almost like most Mario games, Bowser kidnaps Peach and Mario must rescue her again. He succeeds till a giant sword crashes into Bowser's Castle.

This one to be exact.

Mario, Bowser and Peach are sent flying out of the castle in different directions. Mario storms back to the castle only for the bridge to Bowser's Castle to be destroyed. Mario then must travel around the Mushroom Kingdom to collect seven stars in order to repair the Star Road, which was destroyed by the sword, and defeat the evil that slowly comes forward.

Super Mario RPG is a game released for the SNES in 1996. It is an RPG (course it is). Battles are turn based and you are given many options, including attacking, using items, using special attacks and running. Running is a little useless because it almost always fails. There is a small chance, but I recommend just staying away from running. Also, most enemies in the game almost always seem slightly overpowered than you when entering you in new areas, but it's nothing training and practicing won't fix. The controls aren't too hard, they may need some getting use to though. The overworld is also fairly easy, basically just walking, running, talking to people and jumping. Though it has ups and downs, this game is definitely has fun in it.

For a SNES game, Super Mario RPG has excellent graphics for its time. It uses a graphic engine that makes normal sprites look 3D. Not Super Mario Galaxy graphics, but still very cool.

Now that's cool.

Unlike most experiments, this one did not fail. There is no lagging, though I did notice a few glitching sprites once during a battle. But it was during the SNES era so this is normal. Overall, graphics are wonderful and pass the test.

Like most Mario games, the music is fairly easy to hear and catchy. Each song fits its place from calm, to creepy, even wild. The battle music is fairly laid back and make battles fun (making up for the faulty run option). Sounds are stereotypical Mario sounds, so they pass. Since it's a SNES game, voice acting didn't exist. Music passes the test and will stay that way.

Super Mario RPG is overall a great game. With its good storyline, graphics and music, this game is well recommended for anyone who likes Mario or RPGs. The controls may be a little hard at first and some things may not be fair, but like I always say, it doesn't ruin the game. This game is definitely a must.

Music- 5


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