Sunday, June 3, 2012

Virtual Console Recommendations

For fun, I am doing a new segment where I discuss virtual console games and if I would recommend them or not. This segment may appear monthly since I do not have that many virtual console games. For now, I guess I'll get things rolling. Please do not accept these as 100% reviews, as I hope to start those later on.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Platform: Snes

Release Date (first)
U.S.: May 13, 1996
Japan: March 9, 1996

Virtual Console Release
U.S.: September 1, 2008
Japan: June 24, 2008
Europe: August 22, 2008
Australia: August 22, 2008

The first game I recommend is Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. This certain game is unique in many ways. First of all, the game was designed by Squaresoft, who we know as Square Enix. Second, it is the first RPG in the Mario series, making it the possible start of the Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi series. Third, Square Enix (or Squaresoft) is a genius in designing because the game's graphics resemble that of a 3D game, which is quite impressive for the Snes.

Though not as close as Star Fox, this game is still  quite impressive for its console.

 As for the story, it is quite interesting, but I wish not to spoil it. All I will give you is this odd and very important part of the story.

Bowser did not add a new decoration, this guy simply decide to rudely walk in, or fall in.
Though it is a good overall game, it still has one problem. This is the "run away from a battle option", which seems to not want to do as said. For me, that is a big problem, especially against enemies that you know can probably kill you in one punch. Overall, this game is a must for your Wii virtual console collection.

Recommend? Definitely. With good graphics for its time, interesting characters (including the giant sword), and a good story, I highly recommend this game for anyone.

Super Mario Kart

Platform: Snes

Release Date (first)
U.S.: September 1, 1992
Japan: August 27, 1992
Europe: January 21, 1993

Virtual Console Release
U.S.: November 23, 2009
Japan: June 9, 2009
Europe: April 2, 2010
Australia: April 2, 2010

Super Mario Kart is the first game in the Mario Kart series. Just like the other games, it has what it's known for, interesting racecourses, colorful themes, and the famous battle mode. It is also the only game to use a split screen to show the map on the bottom half of the screen, similar to how the map is shown on the touch screen in Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart DS. Here is a sample below. 

The game is also the first in its series to have 20 courses, opposing the common 16 courses. It also uses the coin system, which we know is used in Mario Kart 7. If not, basically, you have to collect coins to gain more speed. Unlike other Mario Kart games, this game gives you "lives" instead of a simple re-do. So if you lose a certain race and lose all your lives, it's game over like other Mario games.  Due to the Snes technology, the game is quite simple looking, though, so I would probably recommend this game to people who would like to try the older games in the series. 

Recommend? Possibly. The game itself is good and should be given a try before judging, but newer fans of Mario Kart may not like the ideas of the game having lives and a split screen. However, it does not damage the game in any way and is only something to adjust to. So this game is a definite yes if you are a hardcore fan of Mario Kart. 

Super Mario Bros 3

Platform: Nes

Release Date (first)
U.S.: February 9, 1990
Japan: October 23, 1988
Europe: August 29, 1991

Virtual Console Release
U.S.: November 5, 2007
Japan: December 11, 2007
Europe: November 9, 2007
Australia: November 9, 2007

Super Mario Bros 3 is often called "the best Mario game ever". This is something I would probably agree with. The game has a lot, including colorful worlds and creative levels, which is definitely an upgrade from Super Mario Bros. Basically, if you love side scrolling Mario games, you'll love this little treasure. 

Recommend? Yes. New generation or not, this game should be tried by all Nintendo fans. It is overall fun, catchy, and worth the time played. An overall must for your virtual console collection.

And there we have it, three very interesting Mario games that I highly recommend trying. Thank you for your time and please offer advice in places you see it fit.

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