Friday, September 20, 2013

Why I Can't Wait for Pokemon X and Y

Well, I've been waiting for almost a year and my prayers will soon be answered because Pokemon X and Y will be released in a little under a month. Any who, here's my reasons why about to burst in excitement.

1. I pre-ordered  Y.

My most obvious reason is because I pre-ordered Y, not because I was forced, but I wanted to because I thought it would be a good idea. The guy at Gamestop recommended it and I soon decided to do so so I could get my copy. Well, I ordered the game and a copy of the guide, because, you know, worldwide release and all. I also got two of the posters that Gamestop was handing out because I ordered these two items. I hung them in my room at my Grandpa's house. Here's one of the pictures of one of them on my Twitter:

2. The team I want.

So many opportunities for pokemon and I've decided which ones I want for my team.  That team shall be Charmander (you get one from the professor supposedly during the story events), Torchic (free wi-fi gift so why not), Tyrunt (one of the new fossil pokemon and it looks cool),Pancham (I just like it and its evolution even though it has bad type combination), Chespin (the starter I want), and Litleo (I like lions).

3. Player Customization 

Character customization will be available to let players edit their trainer to their liking. Various outfits and accessories can be found throughout the game. I just hope that there's a big and awesome variety.

4. Enhanced Graphics

The 3DS is bringing Pokemon to a new generation, so that means new graphics. In past games the graphic only upgraded slightly, but then this happens. It just makes me happier and want to play the game.

5. The Region of Kalos

I really like the new region of Kalos. Compared to Unova, it looks fairly large. With a lot of places to explore and see, that makes it a definite yes in my book. 

Anyway, that concludes why I can't wait for X and Y (Y at least). Only 21 days according to my website's timer as of now. 

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